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Eat your veggies without the taste

Gluten Free Veggie-Filled Muffins

March 02, 20166 min read

“I like to multi-task, so I bake to workout my arms mixing” - Cachay Wyson

Oh So Forgiving Recipe:

BEFORE YOU START... Begin a transition into Stainless Steel Baking pans! There are so many falling ill to the negative effects of aluminum in our bodies. Here is what I ordered from Amazon CLICK HERE

Cooking came natural to me... if it didn't to you, that's ok, maybe I can teach you later on! But the thought of baking stressed me out. It's said that ingredients have to be exactly measured, and precisely added for the correct chemical reaction, to acquire the desired results. NO THANK YOU!!! I failed chemistry in high school (if you did too here's our favorite chemistry song: The Periodic Table )

No fear of failure with this recipe! It forgives my over use of ingredients, or under use! Even if I over mix, it still forgives me, they just don't come out at fluffy!

So go have fun, who cares if you put twice as much zucchini in accidentally like I did... they still were amazing, I just added a little more sweetener. Bake down those pumpkin scraps after carving pumpkins, and make delicious pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.. with a dash of All Spice! And let's not forget a deep delicious addition of adding cocoa & 5+ drops of CPTG Peppermint Essential Oils...YUMMMM!

A little side note on COCOA... Look for the FAIR TRADE stamp!

Gluten Free Vegetable Muffins

Your WHY reasons you should eat more fruits and vegetables! 👊

1. Supports a Healthy Inflammation

Inflammation is the body's communication that something isn't balanced. When we break something this is good inflammation to help stabilize and recover. When we are carrying too many toxins, stress, or emotions, we send signals to our "emergency" system to protect itself from the im-balance, and un-healthy inflammation is created. Any type of Dis-Ease in the body, or mind in uncomfortable & will feel better with support back to balanced.

2. Supports a Healthy Blood Pressure

Our bodies live off a complex matrix of minerals, and vitamins. In order to utilize the full nutrients we need to make sure we're eating it's partner foods to optimize absorption. Without getting technical and sciency on you I suggest you eat a rainbow of colors in fresh foods daily, and a variety of types ex: Roots, Tree, Vine, Ground, etc.

3. Magical FIBER

A little secret... Fiber helps your body process out, instead of store in and turn to fat sugars!!! Ok it's a little more complex then that, but fiber is our clean out hero, and whenever I eat sugar I like to each fiber with it, to help my body stay balanced with it's blood sugar.

Also Fiber is essential to keeping a healthy lower GI Track, Heart, and can keep your tummy full longer.

4. Seeing

Eat more vegetables if you want to support your eyes. If you want to get specific, make sure to eat plenty of Orange colored vegetables. This not only helps support against negative sun rays, but gives support to healthy eyes.

A side note Spinach & Broccoli are GREAT too, but they're not orange!

5. Healthy Skin

Our skin is a reflection of whats going on in the inside. So put good in and you'll see good on the outside!

6. The C Concern

Everyone is suceptable to mutated cells. These mutated cells if un-dealt with turn into a life threatening agent. They say the average human deals with Can... 4 times in their life, it's just whether the body is receiving the nutrients and support against it. So eat those veggies that support the elimination of toxins which bog our bodies down.

7. Body

They say 80% of the way you look is based on what you eat. So eat food that look like you want to I guess... Are you going for more of the skinny tall slender look of a zucchini, or the more curvy like a butternut squash. All joking aside, look your best with what you injest!

8. Immune Support

I'm going to sound like a broken record... the more the toxic load you carry, to weaker your body is to fight things off. Fruits and Vegetables help off-load toxins and bring your body in balance.

When my immune system is having to work harder, I stay extra warm, so energy isn't going towards keeping me warm. Eat ONLY fruits, vegetables, healthy fats & bone broth... ABSOLUTELY no animal meats, or dairy food, these feed mucas and keep the body in an acidic state.

It's actually easier to grab a carrot and eat it, when you have to open a bag to eat the chips.

Vegetable Jokes

Ok I'm a woman in trauma healing and learning to laugh is all apart of it... so let's laugh a little to help eating vegetables to be easier.

  • What happens when an onion cuts himself? (He starts Crying)

  • Why did the vegetables protest? (There was an information LEEK)

  • Why do FUNGI have to pay extra on the bus? (Because they take up TOO MUSHROOM)

  • What did the ORGANIC vegetables die of? (Natural Causes)

  • Why did the corn stalk get angry with the farmer? (Because he kept pulling his EARS)

  • Which vegetable is best at kung fu? (Brock Lee)

  • Why does everyone love the vegetable band? (They've got good BEETS)

  • Find more jokes here: CLICK HERE


  • Turn on oven to Convection Bake 325'


    • 1 1/2 C Honey (you can use sugar, raw sugar, Xylitol (natural sweetener your body processes more like a protein, and is beneficial for teeth enamel), Monk Fruit, or Stevia (If you use stevia start small and you can always add more later..it’s strong)

    • 3 eggs

    • 3 C. Gluten Free Flour (I purchase min from costco.com CLICK HERE)

      • doTERRA Vanilla or Vegan Protein Mix. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW. Delete what you don't want. GREEN available too to add)

        • Substitute a cup of flour for a cup of protein powder, or add little extra blended fruits n veggie mix, to keep the consistency, a thick clumpy batter

    • 1 1/2 Cup Banannas

    • 1 Cup Shredded Vegetables (carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, squash)

    • 1 t. Baking soda

    • 2 t. baking powder

    • 1 Tbls molasses

    • 1 C. Organic coconut oil ( Option B: 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup doTERRA Kids omegas)

    •  Tbls. Vanilla (or 8 drops CPTG Madagascar Vanilla) CLICK HERE to order

    • 1 t. Salt (I use an earth salt like sea, or himalayan)

    • 1 Tbls Cinnamon or 8 drops Cinnamon Essential oil (Suggest CPTG) ORDER HERE

  • Add WET ingredients together first and mix well.  This will be the only chance to get a good mixing in.  Muffins you want to barely mix together the wet & dry ingredients.  The batter should look really clumpy, and undermined for best results.

  • Spray tins with oil, and add a dash of Gluten Free flour in each tin and coat the tins for easy muffin removal.

  • Bake on center rack for 25 minutes (Small muffins bake 15-20 minutes)

    • To check if muffins are cooked insert a butter knife or toothpick into a muffin.  If it comes out clean, then they are done

  • Store in refrigerator, or freeze.

gluten free vegetable muffinsbest gluten free muffineasy gluten free muffinquick gluten free muffin recipe
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Cachay Wyson

Cachay Wyson, was raised in a home where natural remedies were the easiest go to's. Her passion for easy wellness, and simple solutions are what she loves inspiring others to implement into their lives, one step at a time

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